Heanor Christmas Pudding Run

Heanor Christmas Pudding Run – 2014

I really love the Heanor Christmas Pudding Run, it always attracts such a variety of runners on a somewhat fast and varied course. It’s not road, it’s not trail, it’s not fell, its a delightful mixture of cake infested fun.

This year for the first time in many the route changed due to landslips on the old course. Seemingly more flat but reality was that it still felt understandingly undulating. I wasn’t sure where I … Full Report

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South Yorkshire Cross Country Series – #3 – Campsall Park

A foggy November Sunday morning a yellow car full of Sheffield RC girls make the hefty pilgrimage to Campsall Park north of Donny (Doncaster) to run round in some mud. Why? 

Ey up, lets get down wi’ t’ mud

This was a proper cross country course I will let you know,  with real mud, real logs, real water, real bogs, real spikes, real footpaths, real woodlands and real leaves. Everything about this course was real … Full Report

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Druids Ultramarathon - The Ridgeway 84 miles in 3 days

Druids Challenge Ultra Marathon: The Ridgeway – 2014

The Druids Challenge organised by the XNRG team is a three day Ultra marathon that follows the ancient ‘Ridgeway National Trail’. The trail runs from Ivinghoe Beacon in Buckinghamshire, through the Chiltern Hills and Thames Valley and 84 miles later finishing in Swindon North Wiltshire.

All you need is some running shoes on your feet, bags of enthusiasm, a sleeping bag, a roll up mat, a head torch (compulsory on day 1) and a smile … Full Report

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South Yorkshire Cross Country Series – #2 -Wentworth Castle

 We’re all fawned of running right? So what better way to spend a sunny Sunday morning than at Wentworth Castle in Barnsley to run around the grounds a few times and of course after 3 laps of the course to eat cake.

The thing about these events is that they are short and sweet you have no ideer what is going to happen, no ideer at all.

The ladies race started bang on 12 noon … Full Report

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British Masters Cross Country Relays

Saturday morning jumped out of bed and put on my best spikes…

(Beginning lyrics to Magics! Rude)

Well these were my £5 ones from a stall at the last Cross Country at Spinkhill. My first ever outing in my Spikes Who let the spikes out? Who let the spikes out?

A minibus driven by club secretary Mike took us down to the British Masters Cross Country Relays at Moorlands stadium in Derby. We arrived in plenty … Full Report

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Sheffield 101010

Sheffield 101010 – 2014

The Quirky little 101010 was born in 101010, but renaming it to 191014 just doesn’t have the same ring to it. So 101010 it is, a cute inexpensive 10km trail race on the 10th month of the year.

The race shows off my home city of Sheffield in its true form; zigging and zagging through beautiful autumnal wooded trails, through the lush green parks and a couple of Sheffield hills thrown in for good measure, … Full Report

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South Yorkshire Cross Country Series – #1 – Spinkhill

Stamp! Crackle! Crunch! Crispy orange-brown leaves blowing about in the strong autumunal gusts of wind, scarfs and hats and gloves wrapped around big body warmers, long johns and muddy shoes. Oh yes the mud let’s not forget the mud, the icky brown stuff that cross country lovers stampeed through, rich, smelly, wet, manure-like, mucky – it must be Cross Country season – right?

Of course. So take Spinkhill playing fields in the middle of October. … Full Report

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Redbull Steeplechase

Redbull Steeplechase

The Red Bull Steeplechase is a 21.4 mile knock-out event that starts and finishes in the charming village of Castleton in the heart of the Peak District. The event is unique, with four knock-out stages, runners are competing right from the word go. And it goes something like this:

Knockout Stage 1, 8 miles:

  • 125 of the 375 male entrants are knocked out
  • 40 of the 130 female entrants are knocked out.

Knockout Stage 2,

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Yorkshire Vets’s Cross Country – 2014

2.6 miles I say, 2.6 not 26.2 but 2.6. The weekend that most people were about to run a marathon I decide to do the complete opposite, mix up the numbers a bit and run 2.6 miles.  

The Yorkshire Vet’s Cross Country event was taking place just outside of Leeds at Nunroyd Park. It took longer than my marathon time to drive up to Leeds due to the Bupa Great Yorkshire Run taking place the … Full Report

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Round Sheffield Way Relay – 2014

A year ago I had signed up to complete my first 50 miler ‘Round Sheffield Way’ a ‘relay’ organised by Steel City Striders that has been going since 1997 with the Ultra being a soloist event for the first time that year. However 2 weeks before and after reccie’ing every single leg twice, three times, four times and more I caught the dreaded ‘I’ is for Injury which put my foot under a great … Full Report

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Chesterfield Half Marathon – 2014

Two weeks previous to the Chesterfield Half I ran the Ring O’ Fire Ultra-marathon, I promised myself I wouldn’t ‘race’ in September and let my body recover, even though I was actually feeling much better than I thought I would after running 135 miles.

So I managed to get hold of an entry for the event only a few days before thanks to injured fellow club member Sarah (but still boo hiss to injury) … Full Report

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Salt Cellar Fell Race

Friday night there was a fell race on only 20 minutes from home around the stunning Derwent Edge in the Peak District. Now I am no fell runner, I will never be a fell runner so this was ‘just for fun’ taking myself outside of my comfort zone and just having a go. But for a fiver, near on 7 miles and 1500 feet of climb it gives a runner something to do on a … Full Report

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Thunder Run 2014

This was my second year at Thunder Run. After the 2013 episode of Thunder Run, in which it really did lead up to its name; caked in mud throughout the 10km course, thunder, lightening, torrential downpours you name it we had it. This year we had the complete opposite, as temperatures hit a near scorching 30 degrees, the dry heat, solid ground and most importantly ample amounts of cake with the ability to eat it … Full Report

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Crich Monument Race

Crich Momument Race

Saturday midday and I set off frantically to reach Crich to run up a big hill to the Crich monument overlooking the little village of Crich – Christ why not?. Why you ask? Why not I ask.

With only 10 minutes to spare when I arrived, I forgot my Garmin and ran to the start to register and stick a wonky number on my tee-shirt. The village fate green was in full swing with tempting … Full Report

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Chesterfield Spire 10

Chesterfield Spire 10

This race had always been held at the end of August and always clashed with other events, so when it came up that it was the first Sunday in July myself and friend Becky jumped in to register.

As it clashed with the Tour De France coming to Sheffield the field would be a little small this year, but that didn’t stop us. Far from it, in fact I had a plan, a plan that … Full Report

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Dam Flask Relays 2014

This was my nemesis, after having an awesomely terrible run x2 years ago I avoided it last year but this year has been the year of conquering my fears, so this time I decided to make up for last year and run twice if I was needed.

Low Bradfield is always quintessentially English at its best and worst come rain or shine, summer or winter. A beautiful ‘village’ setting nested between the lush greenness of … Full Report

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